Storm Watching in West Cornwall

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January 20, 2020
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Storm Watching in West Cornwall

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If you are planning your holiday to Lizard this winter, you may well be looking forward to witnessing some of the much-anticipated storms that rumble up to our coastline. Jaw-dropping displays that bubble and boil in watery crescendos with waves dozens of feet high, these storms are seriously exciting to watch. Fortunately, there are some super storm watching locations within close reach of Penmenner House, whether you are looking to hop in the car or simply stroll a few hundred meters from your B&B accommodation!

Polpeor (1 mile)

As all of our luxury rooms boasts sea views, staying in bed to watch the storm fronts roll in will be a real treat. That said, if you are up for embracing the elements then you should definitely stroll down to the Lizard Point (Polpeor). The most southerly point in mainland Britain, Polpeor stands high over the water and affords incredible panoramas. Bundle into Polpeor Café to watch the cinematic display with a mug of hot chocolate and enjoy!

Cadgwith (3.5 miles)

Just a short drive from us at the Lizard, Cadgwith is another great option for storm watching in West Cornwall. When the storms roll in, the fishermen bring their boats up from the beach of this small fishing cove and move them to safety on the road and outside of homes. With the cove and its two beaches dissected by a rocky promontory called “the Todden”, this is a great place to stand and watch the sea crash against the rocks below.

Porthleven (13.5 miles)

One of the most well-known destinations for storm-chasers throughout the country, Porthleven is famous for the incredible scenes of gargantuan waves crashing over the top of its clocktower. Beautiful throughout this year, this small harbour town turns into a real showstopper in winter and should definitely be on your list if you love storms. And, with plenty of high cliffs and cafés from which to admire the views, you are sure to find that perfect vantage point.

Penzance (24.5 miles)

When the storms hit West Cornwall, Penzance is always another great place to call upon. With enormous salty waves pouring down over the town’s seafront cottages, its nothing short of dramatic viewing. That said, with the waves as powerful as they are and with little in the way of protection, the only way to enjoy the show here is within one of the cafés or bistros – safe and dry!

Zennor (30 miles)

30 miles from Penmenner House, Zennor is a fair drive but well worth it if you are looking to take in all the best storm watching spots in West Cornwall. Wander along the coast path wrapped up in woollies and waterproofs and make way for Gurnard’s Head. A rocky wedge of land sticking out into the sea, Gurnard’s Head often takes a beating from huge waves rolling in from across the Atlantic. Watch powerful surges of water burst over the rocks from the safety of the coast path and snap the perfect shot.

Land’s End (34.5 miles)

England’s most westerly point, Land’s End faces the full brunt of the Atlantic Ocean. Protected by steep cliffs and benefitting from lots of great amenities, it’s a fantastic location for getting out for an invigorating walk and enjoying the storm before warming up inside. Fresh-faced and starry-eyed, later head back to your private accommodation in the Lizard and watch the rest of the show surrounded by comfort.

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